Welcome to the Highampton Neighbourhood Plan Website

Latest News from the Highampton Neighbourhood Planning Group. We have now reached the next consultation stages which are:

• The Housing Needs Survey
• Call for Sites

Housing Needs Assessment

We need to understand and cater for the housing needs of the residents of Highampton Parish.
So, we have a Housing Needs Assessment survey form open to all households in the parish who have a housing need and either live or work in the parish along with anyone who has an immediate family living in the parish. By immediate family this refers to parents, siblings or children. A household is not necessarily all the people that currently live in a single residence, a household may be a family living with their parents for instance.

If you would like a form or want to discuss the matter more fully then please contact Steve Male on 01409 231646 or stevemale@sandjhome.com.

Call for Sites

The Call for Sites is aimed at landowners who would be prepared to put forward some of their land, in Highampton Parish, for possible development.

More details are contained in the formal Call for Sites box in this issue of the Messenger.
We would particularly like to encourage any landowner who might be prepared to put forward some of their land for affordable housing in the parish.

On receiving applications, we will then formally assess the potential and suitability of each site against a standard set of criteria and then look to determine whether we can allocate the site in the Neighbourhood Plan.

Owners who consider their land may be suitable for any form of development in the period to 2034 are invited to register an “expression of interest” by contacting Tony Hunt on 01409 231436 or tonyandvikkihunt@btinternet.com with their contact details.

Both the Housing Needs Survey and Call for Sites consultations will close on Friday 2nd March 2018.

For more information see the list of Highampton Consultations on the Documents page for copies of both of the posters.


Local planning policy has for many years been a process of the District Council (in our case the West Devon Borough Council) telling residents the what, where, when and how of developments in their parishes and towns. This not only led to much local disquiet but also policies being adopted that were inappropriate and opposed by residents causing significant delays, costs and bureaucracy. The whole situation was entirely unsatisfactory.

The Government in 2011 proposed to alter this state of affairs and legislated for Neighbourhood Development Plans to ensure that local residents were fully consulted and involved in the development of their parishes.

So, what is a Neighbourhood Plan?

The Government’s Localism Act 2011 fundamentally changed the planning system to give local people rights to shape the future development of their communities in which they live and work through the preparation of a Neighbourhood Plan which, once adopted, will become part of planning policy alongside the Council’s Local Plan.

Recently West Devon Borough Council, Plymouth City Council and South Hams District Council have agreed to develop a new Joint Local Plan instead of individual Local Plans. This Joint Local Plan will set out the strategic development of the joint area and there will be targets for the numbers of new houses expected to be built in all the towns and villages. These targets will influence the plan for Highampton so we will need to plan for some new development in our village. Our Neighbourhood Plan will be the opportunity for Highampton residents to set out the policies to determine the quantity, type, design and location of that new development.

The draft  Joint Local Plan is proposing, for villages, that locally led Neighbourhood Plans are the primary means of deciding these policies and the new Local Plan will cover the period to 2034 and our Neighbourhood Plan will address all aspects of development during this period.

As a result of the new legislation and the opportunities made available for residents to determine their future, Highampton Parish Council decided to prepare a Parish Neighbourhood Plan and has established The Highampton Neighbourhood Planning Group to undertake this work.

This web-site is the web-site for the Highampton Neighbourhood Plan.

This is your opportunity to influence the future of Highampton. You can read more about neighbourhood planning by downloading this Introduction to Neighbourhood Planning.